E-commerce software

We will provide you with a very powerful e-commerce software that will either get you started or move your existing e-commerce website to the next level. Here are just a few parts of the software, you can find a full feature list on our e-commerce packages page.

e-commerce-software-3Marketing, Promotions and Conversion Tools

You can up-sell products or manage different exclusive deals, coupons or sale promotions. Other tools will allow you to learn more about your customers and more.

e-commerce-software-15Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an essential part of running a succefull e-commerce website and the software is 100% search engine friendly and has built in seo techniques to keep your rank high.

e-commerce-software-10Site Management

Control multiple websites, change your website design at a click of a button, manage your content as well as third party application integration.

e-commerce-software-12Catalogue Management

Easy to use product options, custom attributes and batch updates across your product range are just a few options that you have while managing your products.

e-commerce-software-1Catalogue Browsing

Your products will be categorised in numerous ways using sub categories, landing pages and even clouds. Users will easily surf through your products and come back again and again.

e-commerce-software-9Product Browsing

Customers will find it easy to engage with your products with multiple images, zoom, wish lists and comparison tools and more.

e-commerce-software-2Checkout, Payment and Shipping

The software will cater for all shipping options, secure payment systems and it is compatible with other systems such as Amazon payments and other well known providers.

e-commerce-software-11Order Management

Manage your orders easily and quickly by using the vast array of order management tools available such as printing, packaging slips and email notifications.

e-commerce-software-4Customer Accounts

Keep your customers happy by providing them with their own account where they can track orders, keep up to date with promotions and access their order history.

e-commerce-software-8Customer Service

Customer service is key to any business, you can keep your customer happy by using tools such as contact forms, order tracking, email updates and more.

e-commerce-software-6International Support

Not all online businesses need overseas features but if you need to expand at any point, you will be able to support multiple currencies and handle different tax zones.

e-commerce-software-14Analytics and Reporting

You will be able to reflect on any part of the business such as web stats, sales figures, stock control and best product sales which are just a few options.

e-commerce-software-7Mobile Commerce

One of the most rapidly growing ways of selling, your online business will support Apple, Android and Windows amongst others and support HTML5.


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